Our School Dispositions

At St John Bosco’s we understand dispositions to be frequent and voluntary habits of thinking and doing. Therefore we endeavour to provide our students with a holistic curriculum that includes the development of the critical attributes that are required for the 21st century learner. We are developing student capacity to be innovative and creative so that our students are capable problem solvers and inquirers of the future. Together with a growth mindset, a clear understanding of core dispositions will enhance student capacity to learn and develop.

As a school community we all play a strategic role in explicitly teaching, modelling and consistently reinforcing the positive effects that a dispositional approach will have on student learning. Through a common understanding and use of language, a culture of positive and effective learning will develop.

At St John Bosco’s we strive to be…

Problem Solvers
A problem solver explores a variety of strategies to reach an outcome.

A resilient learner is able to cope and respond positively when facing a challenge.

Self Managing
A self managing learner is organised, takes responsibility, is able to work independently and seeks support when needed.

A collaborative learner listens to others and works respectfully in a team to achieve a common goal.

A reflective learner identifies successes and challenges and explores ways to improve.

An inquisitive learner wonders about our world, asks questions and seeks to discover new understandings.