In Mathematics, as in all subjects, we aim to create a high quality learning environment and community in which students experience belonging, know that they are valued, and in which they are motivated to engage in the process of learning.

In Mathematics, our aim is to use pedagogical actions that create a positive environment and community that engages all, motivates all, and enables all to learn mathematics successfully.

Mathematics sessions promote open ended problems where students are encouraged to work together to explore multiple possibilities. In partnership with explicit teaching the teacher’s role is to support, probe and question the children with enabling and extension prompts which allow all to access the content at their individual entry point and to gain and feel success.

The Victorian Curriculum includes the following content strands:

  • Number and Algebra

  • Measurement and Geometry

  • Statistics and Probability

This content is taught through the developing the capabilities:

  • Understanding

  • Fluency

  • Reasoning

  • Modelling and Problem Solving

Maths intervention/extension programs are offered from Prep to year 6. This includes outsourced maths programs such as Maths Olympiad and the Australian Maths Competition.

Mathematics Leader: Chris Galea

Assistant Mathematics Leader: Will Kingston