Digital Technologies

Digital Technology is not just about sitting in a room playing with a computer or presenting information – it is so much more than that.

Digital Technology is about changing the world. At St. John Bosco’s we aim to move our students from being users of technology, produced elsewhere, to becoming world leaders in developing new technological innovations and solutions.

Digital technology will become more pervasive as our society evolves and it is essential that our students understand how technology works, in order to have the best insight into how technology can benefit society and the environment.  It’s also about understanding how software works so that, in any industry, they can consider the best ways to integrate technology to have the greatest impact.

The Digital Technologies Victorian Curriculum curriculum focuses on:

Digital Systems:

  • hardware

  • software

  • network components of digital systems

Data and Information:

  • properties of data

  • how they are collected and represented

  • how they are interpreted in context to produce information

Creating Digital Solutions

  • Four processes:

  • Analysing

  • Designing

  • Developing

  • Evaluating

  • skills in using digital systems,

  • different ways of thinking (computational, design and systems thinking) and

  • interacting safely by using appropriate technical and social protocols.

At St. John Bosco’s our students are all given opportunities to work with computers and other electronic devices. Students in Prep to year 6,  have access to Chromebooks and all classrooms have a TV. The school strives to annually increase the number of computers/electronic devices available to students. Students who use a Chromebook will have their own Google login supplied and managed by the school.

St. John Bosco recognises the need for students to be safe and responsible users of digital technologies. We believe that explicitly teaching students about safe and responsible online behaviour is essential and is best taught in partnership with parents/guardians. We request that parents/guardians work with us and encourage this behaviour at home.

To ensure this, we ask that our Digital Technologies User Policy is read and signed by student’s and their parents every year.  You will receive this at the start of the year.