Discovery Learning

‘Children learn as they play.  Most importantly, in play children learn how to learn.’ O Fred Donaldson

At St John Bosco’s our vision is for learning that is purposeful, developmental and challenging. We value creativity, diversity and an awareness of self, others and our wider world.

To support this belief, we follow the principles of Discovery Based Inquiry in our Prep classes. This research based, student-centred inquiry approach supports children to learn in a hands on, developmentally appropriate way. Learning experiences are strategically planned in response to the Victorian Curriculum as well as the interests of the students, and are presented in a playful way.

Discovery offers students an authentic opportunity to learn about themselves, others and the world around them through social interactions, as they build understandings related to curriculum concepts and develop skills in communication, creativity, problem solving and critical thinking.

Discovery supports students to practise our SJB School Dispositions; how to be problem solvers, resilient, self managers, collaborative, reflective and inquisitive in a safe and authentic environment.