LOTE – Italian

At St John Bosco’s, students from Grade P-6 participate in a 40 minute lesson of Italian each week. Students are given an introduction to the Italian language developing their skills in communicating and understanding.

Italian Teachers

There is a focus on grammatical rules and pronunciation. Students are encouraged to interact in class using everyday expressions and greetings in Italian. Students engage in various activities in Italian such as games, songs and discussions. Students have the opportunity to participate in special cultural experiences such as Italian cooking days. Students have the opportunity to write and perform small role plays in Italian. This encourages their confidence in writing and speaking in Italian. Students are given an insight into the Italian culture by exploring famous Italian landmarks, festive traditions during Easter and Christmas and traditional foods.

In Grades Prep to 4, students are given an introduction to the Italian language. There is a focus on grammatical rules such as definite and indefinite articles, gender and singular/plural forms. Simple greetings and everyday expressions are used each lesson, and students will be able to give a little information about themselves.

In Grade 5 and 6, students are able to increase their grammar knowledge and italian vocabulary. There is a focus on adjectives and other vocabulary to formulate more complex sentences. Students are given the opportunity to use the Italian language in everyday situations such as ordering at a restaurant and asking for directions in Italian.