The Arts

Visual Art

  • Visual Arts teacher – Mrs Karen Doody –

  • Days at school : Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

  • Each week there will be a 40 minute art lesson for each child Prep to Year 6

In Visual Art, students have many exciting opportunities to explore the world around them, record what they see and how they feel.  They will progressively develop their skills in drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, sculpture, construction and textiles.  Visual art is integrated into the inquiry units of each year level (where appropriate) and enriches the children’s understandings of topics being explored in their classrooms.

The understandings of the elements – colour, form, line, shape, space and texture are all investigated through creating works of art and exposure to a wide variety of famous artists, both contemporary and the great masters.

In Visual Art, children learn to take risks, make mistakes, get messy, create with their hands, problem solve with their peers and have lots of fun!

NB: An art smock or shirt is not required. There is a class set of shirts in the art room.

Performing/Media Arts

Performing/Media Arts includes the subject areas of Music, Dance, Drama & Media Studies.

In Prep to Grade 3 the focus over the year is on Music, Dance & Drama. In Grades 4, 5 & 6 the focus is on Drama & Media Arts.

In Music the children develop a repertoire of children’s songs and popular songs, learn about beat and rhythm, learn about instruments and the Orchestra and learn to read basic music notation.

In Dance the children are involved in tasks that require them to use appropriate movement in response to different rhythmic patterns, tempos and accents. They developed physical skills through learning dance patterns and group formations and learn a number of  simple folk dances.

In Drama the children participate in activities that enable them to re-enact and improvise situations which draw on their imagination and their personal experiences. They use dramatic forms such as mime, drama games, improvisation and script to find a range of ways to express their ideas and feelings. And they  experiment with materials such as costumes, props and sound effects to communicate meaning.

In Media Arts the children  focus on film & video  and are  involved in the creation of a 1 minute film that will be entered into the Australian Teachers Of Media national short film competition.

An after school music program is run by Creative Music For Schools. They offer Keyboard & Guitar lessons on a Monday and Tuesday after school from  3:40 to 5.30.

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