Parent Involvement

We welcome all opportunities for you to be involved at SJB.

Building partnerships with your child’s school can help your child to settle in and actually supports their learning because the important people in their lives are working together to achieve the same goals.

School Board

The school board meets approximately twice per term. This consists of the school principal, parish priest, staff representative & parents who have been nominated and elected to the board.

Parents and Friends Association 

The Parents and Friends Association aims at assisting the school in practical ways. This is open to all parents. The committee meets monthly. The dates are advertised in the newsletter.

Classroom helper program

You are invited to help in your child’s classroom throughout the year. It is expected that you attend a workshop early in 2018 in order to participate in this program.

What it means to be a classroom helper?

  • To adhere to child safety standards at all times

  • Redirect students and help them to stay on task

  • Work with individual/small groups of children

  • Provide a role model for learning

  • Encourage students to work quietly

  • Demonstrate, model and help on set tasks

  • Privacy of both parents and children must be respected at all times

If you have a concern discuss it with the teacher or Parent Liaison Officer Marc Guzzardi: