Grade 6 Online/Home Learning

Dear Parents

We made it! Congratulations to all of us!

We’ve certainly seen the students ride a rollercoaster of emotions throughout the term, but they’ve proven to be very resilient and are finishing the term on a positive note.

The calico and Confirmation Shield should be complete by the end of term and we ask that you keep them in a safe place over the holidays.

This week we are running Social Catch up Meets on Monday and Tuesday. The children have signed up to a group of friends they’d like to catch up with via a supervised meet. The teachers will be present in the meet, but their camera and microphone will be turned off. The meets will be recorded. The students are reminded of their responsibilities as digital citizens and we ask you to please ensure that no other devices are present in the meets.

Week 9 – Whole Class Google Meets
9.00am Monday, Tuesday & Thursday
1.30pm Thursday
11.30am Friday

Help Desk –
SC with Ms Grace Tuesday/Thursday 11am
JG with Ms Tracey Monday/Thursday 11am

Many thanks for everything you are doing at home in support of your children. We are very grateful for the assistance you provide us with in teaching the children. No doubt they are grateful for the love, care and hot lunches!
We really hope that you get a chance to have a break over the holidays, recharge and at this stage, get ready to do it all again in Term 4! It will obviously be a very busy term and will require lots of creative thinking to ensure it is a memorable one for the students.

Looking forward to our eventual return to school and fingers crossed it is sooner rather than later.

Take care
Kind regards

Sue Carey
Julia Gribble
Libby Jolley
Grace Diamandis
Tracey Brennan