Grade 4 Online/Home Learning

Year 4, Term 3, Week 9, home learning parent letter

Hello families,

Welcome to Week 9 of Home Learning, the final week of Term 3! We have included some new procedures for this week which you can find explained below:

Reading & Religion sessions
There will be no Reading Grid activities, therefore the Wolf Girl activity must be completed on Monday and the novel work activity must be completed on Thursday.

Please note also that there will be no Religion sessions in Week 9.

Teacher planning Day
On Tuesday 15th of September, teachers will not be hosting any Google Meet sessions with students as this day has been designated for teacher planning. Teachers will not be able to respond to student or parent emails/messages on this day. However, Google Meet sessions with LSS staff will still take place (please check your child’s timetable as information may vary according to class group).

Fun Friday activity
On Friday 18th of September, the day will consist of ‘Fun Friday’ activities before the school day finishes at 1:00pm. Some important points about the day:
Children will start the day with a S.E.L. activity
Each Year 4 teacher has put together a ‘Beat the Teacher’ speed challenge video which will be uploaded onto the Weekly Planner on Friday morning.
The students will practise each challenge, trying their best to beat the teacher’s time as the goal in mind.
Students can video/take photos of themselves trying out the four challenges and then post onto Seesaw.
Students need to record their times on the ‘Beat the Teacher’ grid found in the activity section on Seesaw which will be available on Friday morning.
At 11:30am, all Year 4 teachers will host a Google Meet session where any student from Year 4 can log in to showcase their attempt of that particular teacher’s challenge.
Students can log into each teacher’s Google Meet session using the following codes:
Ms Aoife- 4am
Ms Scicluna- 4ss
Mrs Michelle- 4ms
Mr Kingston- 4wk
The equipment needed for the four activities are as follows:
Cotton wool balls
Biscuits (e.g round rice crackers or something similar)
Small bin/bucket
One tennis ball
(Please ensure that your child has the equipment which has been outlined above before Friday)


Student academic activities expectations:
Reading x 2
Writing x2
Inquiry x3
Maths x3
SEL x1
Spelling x2
Specialist x5
When the students open the slides they are to click on “view Google Doc” this allows you and the students to always see the latest version of that slide.

Seesaw posts:
This week, students must upload each of the following tasks onto their Seesaw accounts:
ONE LITERACY task on MONDAY (poetry piece)
ONE NUMERACY task on MONDAY (Time- Seesaw activity)
ONE INQUIRY task on THURSDAY (Celebration Presentation)

The required task to be uploaded can be identified by the Seesaw symbol on the chosen session’s slide.

Please remind your child that when he/she is uploading their completed activities, they need to be visible in order for the teacher to assess their work.

We would just like to take this opportunity to extend our thanks and gratitude to parents/guardians for all the support and guidance which you have given to your child’s online learning over Term 3. We wish you a happy and peaceful spring break with plenty of rest and relaxation with your families.

Please reach out via email or Seesaw if you have any questions or general concerns.

Kind regards,
Year 4 Team 🙂